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Food Handling

Colder Couplings & Fitting for Food Handling

Colder listed many of its product lines under the criteria of NSF/ANSI Standard 169 (formerly C-2). These quick disconnect couplings provide a greater advantage in fluid control than general fittings because they:

  • Incorporate built-in shutoff valves that prevent spills
  • Allow multiple disconnections and faster servicing
  • Can be used with both plastic and copper tubing

An ordering guide for Colder's NSF listed couplings is located here.

In addition, Colder offers unique food and beverage application solutions that incorporate RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to enhance the fluid handling process. Applications include coffee brewer connections, beverage dispensing, water lines and drain lines on food equipment.





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Portable Water/Filtration

Quick Couplings for Water Filtration

Quick disconnect, in-line couplings make replacement of disposable water filter connections quick and easy, and provide many advantages over standard water filter connections. Colder couplings are designed for countertop, under-the-sink and ice-maker applications – for both OEM and end-user. They have a higher degree of reliability and are easier to use. Colder couplings also feature integral shutoff valves that instantly stop the water flow; no need to turn off the water pressure or drain the lines, saving time and eliminating spills. The use of a Colder quick disconnect also eliminates the need for tools and the resulting potential for damage or costly leak points. Colder couplings simplify water filter replacement, giving consumers incentive to adhere to a regular maintenance schedule, which in turn can increase OEM sales.

Office Coffee Service (OCS)

Quick Disconnect Couplings for Office Coffee Service

With quick disconnect couplings coffee service professionals can eliminate time spent on service calls looking for the water shutoff valve, using separate tools to remove existing fittings, cleaning up spills from tubing, and applying sealant to prevent leaks.

Colder’s quick disconnect couplings are reliable and easy to use. No tools are needed to connect or disconnect, and automatic shutoff valves stop the water flow and prevent leaks and spills. They are designed to fit under sinks, behind coffee brewers, cappuccino machines, tea urns, and other hard to reach places, and are available with pivoting elbows to help avoid kinks or unnecessary bends in the fluid lines. Colder couplings are designed for use with braided, non-braided and copper tubing and the flare thread will attach directly to the coffee brewer or strainer. Colder couplings also eliminate the expense of additional parts, such as fittings and ball valves.


Colder can help you with the transfer, dispense and manufacturing processes.

Colder offers a wide range of products to help food service professionals evaluate and improve current manufacturing, transfer and dispensing processes. Colder’s NSF-approved quick disconnect couplings for bag-in-box condiments provide the food industry – quick service restaurants, fast food chains, food service suppliers and entertainment venues – with fast and easy connection solutions. Quick disconnect couplings are ideal for food service professionals who demand quality and ease of use.


Quick Couplings for Sterility and Safety in Processing Dairy Products

Colder Products offers a variety of quick disconnect couplings to facilitate safe and efficient management of the cleaning chemicals used by workers to maintain the high levels of sterility needed to safely process dairy products. Colder’s product lines range from non-spill couplings that can quickly disconnect hoses from equipment, to drum dispensing systems for extracting chemicals from the containers they are shipped in. Colder also manufactures low cost bag fitments for both chemicals and dairy products. Whether you are dispensing cleaning chemicals or packaging dairy products, Colder’s couplings and dispensing systems result cleaner, safer, faster handling.


Quick disconnect couplings aid i the production of flavorings, cents, or personal hygene products.

Colder Products offers a variety of quick disconnect couplings and dispensing systems to facilitate cleaner, safer, and faster transfer of the raw materials needed to produce concentrates, flavorings, scents, or personal hygiene products. Colder’s products eliminate the need to move bulk containers, bags or IBCs from storage to the mixing room for extraction and blending – and instead provide a way to pump the liquid from the container directly to the mixing vessel. This process helps prevent spills and messes, and saves time. Colder supports organizations by evaluating their current procedures and then recommending ways to achieve specific objectives with innovative fluid connection and dispensing solutions.

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