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General Purpose

General Purpose Quick Disconnect Couplings from Colder Products Company Colder has developed a large base of general purpose couplings that are uniquely designed to make general air and fluid handling applications cleaner, faster and safer. Extensive use of non-spill technology increases equipment modularity and minimizes spills and service times. Optional IdentiQuik RFID capabilities can help manufacturers reduce product liability and increase device safety. 

FitQuik Connectors & Fittings

Colder’s FitQuik Series
Precision molded fittings and connectors for leak-free connections.


SMC Series Quick Disconnect Couplings
SMC couplings offer great value in a small plastic connector.


PMC Series Quick Disconnect Couplings
1/8" flow and used in a wide variety of general purpose applications.


PMC12 Series Quick Disconnect Couplings
Polypropylene PMC12 couplings have greater chemical resistance and are gamma sterilizable.


NS1 Series Non-Spill Quick Disconnect Couplings

The smallest plastic non-spill coupling on the market has non-spill shutoff valves that ensure drip-free disconnects.


NS212 Series Non-Spill Quick Disconnect Couplings
An easy, twist-to-connect coupling with an integrated locking mechanism and double-sided non-spill shutoff valves..


PLC Series Quick Disconnect Couplings
1/4" flow coupling offers the widest selection of sizes and configurations.


PLC12 Series Quick Disconnect Couplings
Offered with a variety of configurations and chemical resistance for demanding applications; gamma sterilizable. 


SnapQuik Connectors
A  break away connector ideal for small bore applications. The compact design delivers high flow fluid transfer in a small profile.


APC Series Quick Disconnect Couplings
APC Series couplings deliver ease-of-use and excellent flow in a compact size.


BQ45GL Series
Bottle Caps include a quick disconnect coupling or FitQuik® connector integrated into a cap designed for 45GL bottles.[more...]


BreakAway Series Quick Disconnect Couplings Safe and easy fluid transfer with protection from costly product loss and equipment damage.


ECF12 Series Quick Disconnect Couplings
Features a high efficiency valve design that provides a greater flow capability than any other coupling its size.


NS4 Series Non-Spill Quick Disconnect Couplings
Feature non-spill valves in a compact size, at a great price.


NS4 Series Non-Spill Quick Disconnect Couplings
ABS non-spill couplings in a compact size, at a great price.


Colder’s NS6 Series
Non-spill couplings that are lightweight, chemically resistant and easy to use.


NSH Series Non-Spill Quick Disconnect Couplings
Molded polypropylene, EPDM seals and a 100% springless and metal-free flow path provide broad chemical resistance.


HFC12 Series Quick Disconnect Couplings
Flow comparable to many 1/2" flow couplings in a 3/8" body size.

HFC35 & 57

HFC 35 & HFC57 Series Quick Disconnect Couplings
Polysulfone couplings for demanding applications and chemical resistance.[more...]


HFC39 Series Quick Disconnect Couplings
Aseptic disconnect functionality with automatic shutoff valves.


FFC35 Series Quick Disconnect Coupling
Double the flow of the HFC Series with a nonvalved bore that increases flow and minimizes turbulence.

Multi-Tube Connections

Multi-Tube Quick Disconnect Couplings
Multi-tube couplings provide one easy-to-use quick disconnect for two, six or ten separate fluid lines.


Multi-Mount Quick Disconnect Couplings
One easy-to-use coupling for connecting from three to five lines at once.

Puncture Seal

Puncture Seal Quick Disconnect Couplings
Clean and safe liquid dispensing from bag-in-box (BIB) or other types of flexible packaging.[more...]


Universal Dispensing Couplings (UDC)
Universal connection to bulk packaging systems including bag-in-box (BIB), flexible and rigid packaging styles.

Hybrid Connector

Hybrid Connector from Colder Products Company
Allows designers to confidently specify a single connector for both fluids and electronics.[more...]

Hybrid (Mini) Connector

Mini Hybrid Connector from Colder Products Company
The new Mini Hybrid provides a compact, single connection point for both air couplings and electrical lines.

IdentiQuik Couplings

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology helps to control, protect and streamline your valuable fluid.

Additional Items

A variety of ancillary components from fittings and luers to PTF nuts and dust caps.[more...]
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